Cross stitch doll : Emma the Magical Baker

Cross stitch doll : Emma the Magical Baker

Here’s the owner of the Magical Bakery : Emma. Inspired by the little girl from whom I designed the Magical Bakery dollhouse 🙂

This doll is inspired by the Kokeshi dolls (learn more about Kokeshis HERE).

I wanted a simple design to be hold in a child’s hand. I add some little details such as pearls earrings but I keep it quite simple and safe since I want her to be a playable doll.

She has been entirely hand-made. She is filled with organic cotton. The hair is made with wool. I attached a little working scarf on her head which says « confiture » a French word for jam or marmelade.

Emma is now ready to cook some awesome magical pastries! 🙂

You can see more about the Magical Bakery Dolhouse HERE

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